25 Instagrammers Whose Photos Are Too Far From Reality, They Got Shamed For It Online

At least once in our lives each of us has edited our photos, because everyone wants to be more attractive. The main thing is to know the measure, otherwise you can photoshop yourself in such a way that your own mother will not recognize you.

Tagged Photo vs. Edited Instagram Photo

The Sea Is Very Wavy…

Edward Scissorhands

Female Body Builder Meets An NBA Player At The Gym And Thinks That No One Will Notice The Extreme Leg Photoshop

Instagram vs. Relaxed Stomach

Finally Spotted One In The Wild On Tinder

There Is A Lot Going On Here

That’s Just Weird

Infamous “Fitness Model”

When You Forget To Send Him The Edited Pic…

When Your Diet Makes Your Waist Disappear

Model And Brand Owner’s Most Recent Ig Post vs. Red Carpet

Fitness Model Transformation

Posted vs. Tagged

At First I Thought I Clicked The Wrong Video

Gray Halo All Aroun’! Or Floating Buttocks’?

I Don’t Think This One Needs Explaining

Not Instagram, Still Entertaining

This Side Profile Is…

Taken A Few Days Apart – Insta vs. Press

Guys Triceps Are So Large That Light Itself Bends Around Them

I’m Just Tripping On The Arms In Each Picture. There’s A Lot More Going On But Just Can’t Get Over This. The First Picture Had Over 2k Likes

Do Nails Count? Because These Are Awful

Because God-Forbid Our Lips Have Texture

There Must Be a Pretty Woman Hidden Under the Thick Layer of Filters


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