28 cats doing weird things just to entertain you

Have you ever happened to enter the room, to see a cat in it and understand that the feline looks like a real alien? Probably you have, because we will never understand cat’s logic…

My friend’s cat does this. Always

Everyone feels comfortable in his own way


Have you ever thought that much fun can be found even in the bathroom?


It looks like this cat is broken


Just a cat sitting on the stairs


So, where’s my dinner?

Let me help you. It will be much faster!


I always knew that cat can sleep in absolutely weird poses. But this one leaves me speechless…


Just a cat doing weird things


We adults have a difficult relationship with the mirror too!


He. Sleeps. Like this.

Have you ever seen a cat sitting like THIS?


A pole dance!


The show from the sofa? Here’s the cat to entertain you!


Each cat likes to play with his tail


So, this is the way you should seat in an armchair!

This is the reason why I can’t have nice things in my home…


These two cats…


Good morning, human!


That is his daily dozen


Do you feel comfortable or no? The cat doesn’t take any care!

I bought him a new $40 bed, but…


George likes to sit like this


My cat always wanted to jump into the fridge. Just look at his face when he managed to do it!


Forget about mice. Modern cat will bring you some potatoes!


This Japanese cat likes to smell the cooking rice


Don’t even dare to come closer!


The best place to sleep

Preview: imgur.com/jxIxZ9A, imgur.com/OBdT13l

Based on: curioctopus.guru

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