30 Optical illusions by Rob Gonsalves that will make you believe the impossible

Rob Gonsalves, a Canadian artist with Portuguese descents, has such a masterly sense of perspective, projections and spatial distortions that he can deceive even seasoned connoisseurs of surrealism. One moment, and now … your perception «slips», you are already peering into the picture, it seems to you a combination of the impossible, but at the same time, the understanding comes that many scenes depicted here are quite possible to be realized in the physical world, and what cannot be realized emphasizes new facets of properties and meanings of generally known things and concepts.

Arboreal Office

Sun Sets Sail

Still Waters

Beyond the Reef

Flower Eclipse

Night Lights

The Space Between Worlds

When the lights were out

Aspiring Acrobats

Phenomenon of Floating

Toward the Horizon

Water Dancing

Ladies of the Lake

Firefly Constellation

Pursuit of Balance

Change of Scenery

The Dancing Wind


Lighthouse (Candlepower)

The Listening Fields

Big Snow

Carved in Stone

Bedtime Aviation

Chalkboard Universe

Making Waves

Autumn Architecture

Chess Master

Table Top Towers

White Blanket

Wilderness Gothic

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