95 Kilograms in weight, 45th shoe size, 205 cm in height … Eve Babezilla

95 Kilograms in weight, 45th shoe size, 205 cm in height — aren’t these fashion model criteria? American Erica Irwin, famous under the nick Amazon Eva, or Eve Babezilla, does not think so. She is a successful fashion model who has managed to turn her flaws into undeniable advantages. In 2011, she entered the Guinness Book of Records as the highest professional model.

She became popular after starring on the cover of Australian men’s magazine Zoo Weekly. On these pictures, Eve posed next to a 162 cm tall model. The difference was not just noticeable — it was hard to believe one’s eyes! No magazine has published a photo of a girl with such a non-standard height on the cover before.

An unusual model is proud of her height and recommends all the girls who have complex about their appearance to take an example from her — she never slouches and walks in high heels. “Accept yourself as you are,” Eve advises everyone.

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