A wrinkled dog or a scrunched-up rug? This adorable Shar Pei will make your day!

Harvey, a six-month-old Shar Pei puppy, became famous online after his owner posted funny photos. It appeared very difficult to find out where the dog is, and where the crumpled sheet or towel is.

His mom, Teresa Moll Arguimbau, 22, lives with her dogs in Menorca, Spain. According to her, Harvey is the most «wrinkled» of all her pets, and this feature makes the animal unique.

«I am completely crazy about his wrinkles and giant double chin,» says Teresa.
At first, due to the overhanging skin, the dog could not even open its eyes. This caused their infection, and for two months the puppy saw nothing at all.

So, huge folds not only give the puppy incredible charm, but also cause certain problems: Harvey needs special care and regular veterinary visits. His adorable skin folds should be moisturized every two days.

Anyway, Harvey has his own Instagram page, where his mom publishes photos and videos with her pet.

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