Her story sounds like a fairytale which should make us think twice

Angie Varona is one of the most popular Instagram models: her page now has more than 2.5 million of followers. Today she is successfully engaged in modeling business and happy in her personal life. However, this was not always the case.

Angie’s story shows how dangerous the Internet can be. It all started with the fact that more than 10 years ago, when her personal photos by chance leaked from her account. This made Angie’s life unbearable: those pictures appeared on many websites, and were even used for advertising purposes. No doubt, she gave any permission for it. Besides, she got some offers of not very pleasant content. Many photos have been photoshopped. Moreover, in real life, Angie began to get bullied by her peers and was even pursued, so her family was forced to change several addresses and even ask the law enforcement for help. Today she recalls those times with shudder.

Fortunately, Angie managed to overcome her troubles and even started a modeling career. Today she is happy in her job and personal life, and the girl’s story has become a reminder of the importance of not posting and sharing personal information on the Web.

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