«How is it even possible?» 15 photos you will hardly believe are real

Miracles are all around us, but usually you have to look hard to see them. Although sometimes just «to see» plays a cruel joke, because the brain refuses to accept what the eyes see and remains in captivity of stereotypes, denying reality. But it is worth looking at from a different angle, how magic manifests itself in all its glory.

The glass splitted the light into a rainbow spectrum, and the back of the chair created perfect gradient stripes.

Light refracted in the lens of the eye and reflected in the form of a ring of dots

Not Photoshop, but a real Xenopeltis unicolor, a native of Southeast Asia. Incredibly beautiful and not poisonous, but difficult to handle snake.

Typical view from the upper floors of Burj Khalifa. Its height is 828 m and there is nothing around that could compare with the colossus, even the clouds fly below.

The man’s hand is under the water which you cannot see due to its unique transparency.

Funny and untrustworthy? But this kind of support helped to keep the building from collapsing after the earthquake, giving time to evacuate all people.

A hit with a bat on a freeze frame: pay attention to the degree of instant deformation

Vegetable and fruit carving

Blue sky on the left, storm clouds on the right, and a distinct border between darkness and light in the middle

This is an overgrown tadpole, which, due to hormonal disruption, did not turn into a frog, but spent all its strength on its own growth. So unique!

This spiral staircase in Taihang Mountains (China) is 90 m high. It greatly shortens the path, but not everyone has the strength and courage to climb it.

Once this tree was seriously damaged and tried to tighten with fresh bark, but overdid it. The growth of the bark was so strong that it began to twist under its own weight, and the rest of the tree grew after it.

An ancient hunter’s arrow shattered the deer’s ribs and got stuck there. The animal survived, and its bones have grown together around a piece of metal.

A special glass casting technique, when the layers on the cut form a real picture. In this case, it is «Theotokos» by Leonardo da Vinci.

This rain cloud for some reason took the shape of a Christmas tree, but it rained excellently


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