Photographer melted his drone to get the footage of this eruption. The most spectacular video ever!

In order to make a beautiful and unique picture photographers are ready to sacrifice a lot. Icelander Garðar Ólafs, for example, melted his drone in order to make a footage of the volcanic eruption near Fagradalsfjall (Iceland) from the closest possible distance.

It is known that the eruption of the Fagradalsfjall volcano, which is located in the center of the Reykjanes Peninsula (Iceland), started on the evening of March 19. Its «awakening» was preceded by more than 50 thousand small earthquakes recorded in this area over the past months.

Photographer Garðar Ólafs decided to capture the event and with the help of a drone made some impressive shots and videos, which he posted on his Instagram page.

This spectacular video from the very mouth of the volcano cost him a drone, although the footage is only 15 seconds long. It captures seething magma as the camera moves closer, and closer, and closer…

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