Who is the girl, and who is the boy on this photo? Almost everyone is wrong!

Do you believe that there are photos that, when you see them, you will not be able to understand who is the girl, and who is the boy on it? If you think that gender is always easy to determine, then you are greatly mistaken. In this article, you will see two photos, looking at which you will not be able to figure out who is depicted in them!

So take a look at these two photos.

Who do you think is the bоy and who is the gіrl? Most people who are asked this question usually mistake. Are you ready to find out the correct answer?

The photo on the left shows a gіrl named Tina from Belgrade. Her short hair and facial features are misleading to many people!

On the right photo is a bоy named Son who lives in Sarajevo. Looking at these two pictures, it is really difficult to guess who is who.

As you can see, the photographer found the chіldrеn who are as similar to each other as possible. Before the photo session they made them similar hairstyles and asked them to smile the same way.

The photographer’s name is Olivier Suter, and in fact these photos were taken for a reason! The goal of his project is to show that chіldrеn from two different, warring countries are very similar to each other and people need to learn to live in peace and harmony for the happiness of the future generation. Undoubtedly, such an idea deserves a respect!

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